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Lifetime Warranty

We provide an automatic original owner LIFETIME WARRANTY on every MOJO branded product we sell.  Our parts are designed to last in the harshest of conditions, however we know that crashes are a reality of our sport.  If you do manage to break or otherwise damage one of our MOJO parts to an unuseable state, please follow the warranty claim procedure below:

1.   Take a bunch of photos of your bike and the damaged or broken part showing the MOJO logo.

2.   Tell us exactly how it happened, and let us know that you are OK.  

3.   Grant us permission to tell your story and let us know the best way to contact you.

4.  Send your photos and story to  As long as everything is legit, we will ship new parts to you FREE OF CHARGE within 48 hours.

5.  Once you get your new parts, tell all your friends on social media about your experience with

That's it...


** We reserve the right to review the legitimacy of your claim, and will need to contact you before we send out new parts.  Our lifetime warranty only covers parts that have been damaged or broken beyond a useable state due to a crash or other mishap.  Warranty DOES NOT COVER fading of our anodized parts, as we cannot control how you store your bike (in the sun etc) or if you use any type of acid wash on your bike that could make our parts fade. ALSO NOT COVERED are wear items:  Brake Rotors & Pads, Chains, Sprockets, Bearings & Seals.  If you aren't sure what's covered just give us a call and we will take care of you!


My son recently crashed at practice on his SX125 (he’s ok…. a little bruised ego…..LOL) but had broken his Clutch Lever, I see that you have a lifetime warranty.

Could we please get a replacement lever ASAP ( he has a race next weekend)

Our Response: 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we can get your son a replacement lever shipped ASAP. Glad to hear that he is okay! .

Your replacement lever will be shipped priority today so that it is received in ample time for his upcoming race. Please let us know if you have any questions along the way & we'll be happy to get you dialed in.

From the Mojo family to yours, good luck this weekend!


Last weekend (1/25-1/26) was Round 1 of the 2020 LACC season. The weather was cold and raining and the course was pretty much a sloppy, muddy, mess. Because of this being an enduro race, I didn’t actually witness what happened, but my son says he hit a root or something on the right side of his bike and he went down. Luckily he wasn’t hurt and was able to get his bike up and going again, but it bent the Mojo rear foot brake plate upwards. He was still able to use the brake and went on to finish—-with a 1st Place win in a field of 11 riders in his age group—also having gotten the hole-shot at the start. (Very proud dad, sorry for all the bragging!)

I’m not an angry or disgruntled customer. I happen to love the Mojo products I’ve installed on his bike and would have no problem purchasing a replacement part if this one isn’t covered by the warranty. It has nothing to do with the quality of your product, it’s from a tough course. I feel you manufacture excellent parts and this just happened due to rider error.

Our Response: 

Thank you for sharing your story & photos. Glad to hear Drew is okay after the crash. The great thing about this sport is pushing ourselves to be better. Sometimes that ends in a win, sometimes a crash, but constantly learning is key!

We’ll be happy to fulfill a replacement Rear Brake Step Plate covered by our Lifetime Warranty. Tracking will be in your inbox in a few moments!

I really appreciate that! Awesome customer service!! 
- Scott Martel

One the best and gnarliest trail days ever, stoke was high but tanks were low. Time to go back to camp. Riding a good long wheelie down the forestry road on my KTM 300 showing off.... something happened and I lost it.. 5th gear. Tore up a brand new set of TLD pants and ripped a bark buster off, got some road rash, and MOST unfortunate, bent and broke one of the MOJO foot pegs. Been loving these pegs!

Our Response:

That's certainly one way to Get Your Mojo On! A little more back brake and I'm sure you would have saved it! Hope that the road rash was the worst of it & you didn't sustain any other injuries. Parts are much easier to replace, especially with our automatic Lifetime Warranty.

Let me know if the shipping address is still correct & I'll be happy to get you out a replacement foot peg today!

Haha, def got my mojo on and over zested er! No injuries luckily. Shipping address you have is correct. Thanks so much! Love your products even more now! 

- Chad


Hi guys, my name is Evan. I recently ordered the mojo anodized fork bleeders for my 2010 ktm 150sx, and as you can assume, they just broke.

Here's how it happened:

I was riding my bike at walden mx (my local track) and I hit a double. When I landed the bike hopped up due to my lack of suspension tuning and whipped me off of it. The bike turned sideways and did a few flips and landed hard. I could not see exactly how it happened, (because I was busy falling and trying to get off the track) but the bars bent and in turn bent the fork bleeder to the point where the threads snapped and it was seeping oil. I quickly removed the fork bleeder and the threads to stop the oil from escaping, so that's why I don't have an on bike photo. However, from the bend on the top of the bleeder, you should be able to understand that what I'm saying is true.

I appreciate the warranty and friendly interface of the website. I turned out lucky and walked away with nothing but a concussion and a bruised hip. If the pictures do not go through please inform me, I'd be happy to resend them in a different email.



Hi Evan,

Man, so glad to hear you are OK! No problem, we will send you out a new
bleeder tomorrow morning.

We really appreciate you sharing your story, it helps all of our customers
and builds a great community.

Hope you heal up fast and get right back on as soon as you are able. These
things happen in our sport, but taking risks and conquering our fears is
what we are all about!

Get some rest and watch Hangtown on TV if you haven't already.


Dear mojo my name is Tim Fish (134g) I'm a D36 racer I just recently broke my rear brake pedal at a race. We were at Donner ski ranch I was going through a section called "the rock garden" I fell and it bent into my clutch case cover causing me to dnf.  I was alright a couple bumps and bruises but I will survive. I ride a 2014 Ktm 250sxf. It was a great race cant wait for next year. Please share my story and I just love your products.

Hi Tim,

So glad to hear you are OK.  From what I understand you weren't the only one who got swallowed up in the "Rock Garden".  We are happy to send you out a replacement no problem.

This place is the best had a broken rear brake foot pedal told them the story and less than 4 hours they are sending us a replacement now that's great customer service thank you mojo top notch right there!

- Tim Fish


Here's just a bit from one of our awesome customers - Jeff Lingafelter

I just wanted to say how great this company. I have yet to have received better customer service from any one. I was simply just trying to see if I could order one axle block to replace the the one that my local mechanic adjusted to take an impact gun to and completely destroyed the threads in the axle block. It has nothing to do with the quality of mojo's parts. I love their products and will only use their products. The guys at Mojo still apologized and had a new axle block in the mail not even ten minutes later and didn't even charge me for it. That's an outstanding company right there, that clearly cares about their customers. I'm glad I heard about this company and chose to start going through them.

Thanks for writing this to us Jeff! We know sometimes things happen that are out of our control, but no matter what we will always take care of our customers.


Here is one hell of a story from one of our customers - Matthew Mcintyre

I was racing a local hare scramble they had a friends picture on the plaque that just passed away that raced that series and I was pushing hard to get the plaque came through and the scanner said I was in 3rd and close to 2nd place it was the 4th lap in and my front tire washed out 3rd gear in a rut and I smoked a tree with my front forks got ran over by a guy on a 450 husky he stoped and said I didn't mean to run you over but I didn't have a clutch lol but I just yelled I'm fine go and I broke the cycra hand guard and the mojo lever still had enough to pull in but wound up in 5 th (plaqued still) don't have a picture where it says mojo but can send picture of package or other lever.

Matthew, what a way to honor your friend.  We are all sure he was looking down and was proud of the effort you put in.  This is the first broken MOJO lever - EVER!  That must have been one hard hit, but no worries we will send a new one out to you in the morning.